The 5 most famous and best walking routes in Europe

Europe offers a wide variety of walking routes for a range of walking abilities from the toughest, walking across the French Island of Corsica,  through the demanding but more forgiving, ancient pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain to the gentle from Southern Ireland Coast to Coast. Searching  for the definitive guide to the most famous and best walking routes in Europe will provide you with an bewildering array of lists and suggestions. However there are several destinations  that make their way in to many of the top submissions. The list below is taken from a variety of sources ( Lonely Planet, and consultation with the long distance walkers association)

The walks cover a variety of scenery and European culture and are selected for their fame and quality they are suitable for a wide range of ability nut please note they have not been checked for disability access at this time.

1. The Grande Randonnée (GR20)  Corsica, France: 180km (112 miles) 15 days


Generally felt to be the toughest trek in Europe, not for the fainthearted, over the mountainous terrain of the French Island of Corsica.

For more information check out this Video 

2. The Coast to Coast, UK: 305 KM (190 miles) 12 days


“Surely there cannot be a finer itinerary for a long-distance walk. For sustained beauty, variety, and interest”  (William Wordsworth)

See more Here

3. Camino de Santiago, Spain: 800 km (497 miles) 4-5 weeks


Experience 1000 years of pilgrimage as you walk through the mountains and plains of northern Spain. More than just a walk…

This short film shows the highlights

4. Grindelwald to Zermatt, Switzerland: 105 km (65 miles)  8 days


Between the famous  Eiger  and Matterhorn a route that offers astounding views and assents without the need for mountain gear.

Author Peter Buckley offers the unofficial guide here

5. Southwest Ireland 600km (373 miles) 3-4 weeks


Take a  gentle  trip across the South of Ireland,  experience the wildlife and the village life, over hills and across moors full of mystery and surprises. Part of the European E8 route to Istanbul, have a look at the guide book here

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