Ambient Meditation Mix

Ambient Meditation Mix


I am trying a range of different things with this Blog so here is some music…. 🙂

Ambient tracks you can meditate to:

An Ambient music mix, sequenced as an aid to meditation.  You should listen to the mix before you completely relax to it as some of the tracks are a little unusual.  For me meditation should have an air of transportation to it and there are elements of both light and dark in this mix.

the tracks are:

1.  Changes for January  Soft Bell: Brian Eno

Brian Eno more or less invented ambient music with his album Music for Airports in 1978 (see track 8) This track is taken from his album of studies made for the Long Now Foundation  set up in  1996 to  “provide a counterpoint to what it views as today’s ‘faster/cheaper’ mindset and to promote ‘slower/better’ thinking“.  The simplicity of this track  calls the mind to attention and restfully offer a rhythm. Taken from the album  Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now

2.  American Beauty: Thomas Newman

This track (taken from the 1999 Movie’s Soundtrack) provides a gentle counterpoint to the simple bells, slightly melancholic but soaked in the beauty of simplicity…

3. O.O.B.E. (back & forth): The Orb

This track (which I have edited with a reverse sample to slightly de-intensify the original) is here to remind  the listener of the inner world that meditation calls to attention. It is taken from the  Album UFOrb.

4. First Thing: Four Tet

Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) offers us bells, treated and slightly nervous in the delivery he is a master at setting a mood with his unusual use of studio effects on instruments. From the Album Rounds

5. City Passage: Sigh Up

This is from a internet only release from the which specialised in ambient recordings. It is a slightly unnerving sound with vocal samples and an ominous tone… this section of the meditation is quite deep and ….there is a seriousness that needs to be present….

6. Cliffs: Aphex Twin

Richard D  James (Aphex Twin) has taken Brian Eno’s Ambient torch and run with it to new and exciting places twisting and distorting sounds so that they hang, with great beauty, in the very air. From the Album Selected Ambient Works Vol II

7. What the Wolves Said: The Dwindlers

Another unusual track intoning the wild spirits of wolves untameable, not wanting to be tamed… free . From the Album Brave New World, Vol. 2

8. Music For Airports 1/1: Brian Eno

The track that started it all possibly the most beautiful piece of music ever made? Deep relaxation and peace.

9 . Farewell Fire: Boards of Canada

There are so many great Boards of Canada tracks but I felt this one builds nicely towards the end that never really comes whilst bring you back round. Taken from the Album The Campfire Headphase.

Hope you find this an interesting journey

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