The Journey 1 Seahenge

In 2013 I set out to make 12 journeys across the year each journey was linked to a Rune ( and roughly linked to the route of the Greater Ridgeway (363 miles from Hunstanton in Norfolk to Lyme Regis in West Dorset) This is a (slightly jerky) Slide-show of Images taken from the first Journey in January to seahenge on the Norfolk Coast.

I’m posting this here because I never got to fully complete the project (I probably managed 8 out of the 12 Journeys hence …. no cigar!) and in my mind it feels like a failed attempt, overly ambitious and not followed with enough tenacity, ordinary life got in the way…

But, looking back over last year I did make some incredible journeys both alone and with Hana or friends and family so I came close and got to some places I would not have gone without the “nag” of the project.

Walking is a deeply spiritual act for me I would like to convey some of my experience of walking through my writing, photography and videos…

Sometimes it feel like I am operating with the full understanding of my purpose and destination in this life and other times I am … not so sure. I find I have to put a lot of energy into just keeping going, keeping interested, curious about the world around me and being forgiving of my flaws.

At these times I have to say OK no cigar this time, but closer, and always closer than not trying.

13 thoughts on “The Journey 1 Seahenge

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