Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

The Cave Rune (Home and Hearth) from the Walking Runes

This rune speaks of family: The image is of a fire outside the cave being tended by one person whilst the rest of the family are away (adventuring, working, exploring) each knows that they can return to the cave at any time and the fire will warm them while they share the rewards of their travels.
When it appears in a reading the Cave explains that we are all sometimes needed to tend to the fire (the caregiver, doing our chores etc) while others in our family are out exploring, the rune adds that we are tending that fire for ourselves as well, our family life burns bright within us, and there will be a time (we sometimes have to insist on this!) when we need to explore and venture outside the responsibilities of home and hearth while another member of our family tends to the fire.

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