My Camino Story Pt 5

26 October: Puente La Reina to Estella

Today I am told that I must not carry my pack for at least two days by an Orthopaedic surgeon, who just happens to be in the bunk next to me, he noticed me wincing as I put my shirt on… He tells me if I carry anything today I might permanently damage my shoulder.

I am not alone in my injuries, Mats leg hurts him so much that he decides not to walk today but instead to take a taxi to our next stop in Estella. This means he can take my rucksack with him and that I can walk without my “baggage”


Lightweight Pilgrim

All this discussion and debate means another late start, we are gaining a reputation amongst other pilgrims as the “Faffers”, anyone who spends time with us marvels at our ability to dawdle, dally and delay: we stop to have coffee, take a picture, eat, talk or just to look… it makes for a gentle and laughter filled journey but, after my conversation with Anna last night, I need to find out what she means when she asks is this a holiday or am I here to work?

As the day progresses, I make good time (the journey is a lot easier without the baggage) and soon I am way ahead of Paul, Simon and the others (there is quite a big group now but Anna set off early and is not part of it)

I am enjoying the freedom of walking alone with my thoughts and feelings, the sun is shining the way is clear… 


Happiness (this is one of my favorite photographs ever)

Puente la Reina (The Bridge of the Queen) is the meeting point of two of the 12 routes for the Camino: the Aragonese Way (which extends all the way into France) and the most popular Camino Frances (which we are walking) for many people this is the point at which the Camino to Santiago truly begins.  I feel so happy to be on this journey today, especially after the experiences of the past two days everything feels meaningful, the friends I came with, the people I have met from Helmut telling me about the stone and the cross, right through to the surgeon this morning, It all feels so perfect, so absolutely right

The sun is shining the way is clear…

I cross the rio Saldo over a beautiful medieval bridge and come to a tunnel  under the road…


The Golden Arch

When I pass through I find Anna waiting for me on the other side…

We spend the day together walking and talking and I don’t want this journey to end, I feel the stone in my pocket and I know that I don’t want to leave this journey at Burgos in a week, I want to walk all the way to Santiago, I don’t want to go home…

That night we all meet up in the Albergue in Estelle and I confide in Simon about my plans to stay, which will mean I lose my job in England, he asks me why I want to stay?  I admit that it is in no small part due to the developing connection I am feeling with Anna but that I really feel the completion of the journey is the most important thing.  He suggests getting my reasons clear would be a good idea I agree…

He says “Ask the Camino for the Answer…”


Just wanted to say a big thanks for the likes and especially the comments.  This is my first attempt to write the story of my Camino and I am finding it strangely cathartic … there is more here than I originally thought and I think I needed the distance of years (my Camino started in 2009) before I could but pen to paper (or indeed finger to key board)  I am trying to blog my journey everyday but this might not be possible all the time so please bare with me if there are breaks… and feel free to share the story 🙂

As always the brightest of blessings


2 thoughts on “My Camino Story Pt 5

    • Thank you farmer farthing 😉 I have a busy day today so might not get to post but I will be back…. really glad you like the pic to me this is how the camino feels ie ‘stunningly beautiful. . and what is over that hill?’ X

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