Reflections on Boards of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest

Last year Boards of Canada released their eagerly anticipated new album “Tomorrow’s Harvest” after a gap of eight years.  As a big fan I got mine on the day of its release, copied it onto my ipod and went outside, listening to the album several times and taking pictures as I walked.  The idea was to create a visual impression of the album as a whole… the mood, tone and feelings I experienced as I moved through my surroundings, a musical pilgrimage… In keeping with how BOC make their music each image is created from my immediate surroundings, natural and urban, then twisted and treated, sometimes slightly, sometimes greatly…  reversed, distorted, filtered, cut up or emphasised, to draw in the eye or deepen thought… Having finally worked out how to create a Gallery! I thought I would show them here…   would love to hear from anyone, fans or otherwise, regarding how appropriate (or not) they feel the pictures are… if you like you can listen to samples from the album or buy it here…  or there  is a full album Stream on Vimeo.

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