the space between each heartbeat

the threshold of the door

the steps  up to the alter…

the calm befor the storm…

limen beneath the lintel

Step forward,

no, Lot’s backward glance…

the sound of engines failing,

a plane drops towards the earth

the moment of clarity

ritual centre

the loss of a permanent state

enter and be entered


the point at which you realise, you must switch of the television

the point at which you realise you don’t know what to do,

(or what is going on)

the point at which you rise up and go outside

and see the space between the low cloud and the tree line

dark mirror

see where the sun touches the ocean

the point of the blade cold on your skin

the squeeze of the trigger

the release of the pressure

crossing the central reservation

walking forever

unlocking the cage


limbic and liminal…



(Thanks to Chuck Palahniuk for his book Rant)


words and picture © andrew joseph 2014

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