Todays Walking Rune Reading

Todays Walking Rune is The Thorn.

The Thorn represents two things: one small, a thorn and one large, a mountain.  When we first set out on a journey we are full of the excitement and enthusiasm of the beginning, our motivation comes easily and our step is sure and strong… near the end of our journey (at the mountains peak) although we are tired and need to tred more carefully the site of our goal motivates us and we know we will make it…
The Thorn speaks of the mid point of our journeys, when we have lost the sight and feeling of our initial motivator, sometimes to the extent that we can’t remember why we set of to climb the mountain in the first place and the angle of our climb has become so steep we cannot raise or heads to glimpse our goal, the peak of the mountain distent and shrouded in mist… feet heavy and blistered. ..

The Thorn is the sharp, reminder to keep going, a small sign along the way  marking how far you have come, a rest stop with fellow travelers who share their stories and remind you of your own… it can be the blisters on your feet painful but a reminder of your determination, a look at the map of where you have been that reminds you of all the wonders you have already seen.
The Thorn helps us to keep going when we are not sure why… it ensures you will reach the top of your mountain in your own time…

‘Never, never, never give up’
Winston Churchill


Brightest blessings 🙂 Andy

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