Tonight’s Walking Rune is The Ghost Stone.

Tonight's Walking Rune is The Ghost Stone.

Silently watching from the liminal spaces in between that which we see and that which we believe… the Ghost Stone marks the crossing point, acknowledging our world and the world’s of those who have passed over, those who are to come. .. The Ghost Stone is a reminder of the hauntology of our lives, the ghosts who live on in us, the past inside the present… Attend to your guides when the ghost stone appears, listen to the whispers on the wind for they will guide you through harsh times and on into interesting spaces as yet unseen, pay attention to the half remembered dreams that haunt your waking hours for they remind you that this reality is only one of many and stepping beyond these boundaries opens the doorways within us and without…

“We are all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.”
Liam Callanan -The Cloud Atlas

Photo Contains an image from the Crossbones Cemetery which marks the resting place for many of Londons Outcast Dead I strongly recommend attendance at one of the regular vigils..


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