Walking Rune of the Day: The Balance Rune

Walking Rune of the Day: The Balance Rune

Today the Walking Runes ask us to consider the Balance Rune.
We are made of the energies that burst forth billions of years ago, when the stars and the planets and all the spaces in between were born out of nothing. These bands of energy are in constant motion, exciting and pulling at our very being, drawing us this way and that. Without awareness of these forces we are like the seeds on the wind, chancing to alight on fertile ground, now there is nothing wrong with leaving things to chance…. but if you learn about the energies that pull you and, in learning, raise your awareness of how you can work with them, you can awaken the world of balance and ensure you are honoring your full energy spectrum, whether you’re being overly drawn to the more earthy pleasures or inclined to lose yourself in the detached realms of spiritual bliss, being mindful of the message of balance will show how a full rainbow creates a life of wonder…

“If you think too much heaven within your mind,
you may have no time for simple things in this life.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Know Thyself 🙂 Andy

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