Todays Walking Rune: The Unusual Rune

Todays Walking Rune: The Unusual Rune

As we step through the long weekend… the Unusual Rune asks ‘What can you see out of the corner of your eye?’ What is just out of reach? Something draws your attention … a glint of possibility, a diamond in the rough. Once glimpsed… you can’t not see, that which you once passed by, so easily. You know that you have work to do, to cut away the excess, the unnecessary. .. the waste… before others will see what you do… this weekend allow your sense of wonder to guide you, there is no time to allow the judgment and blinkered views of those who don’t see as you do, to hold you back. With all your energy it is time to release that diamond from the dirt and rock, others might realise what they have missed, but this is all for you…

“The small wad of burning paper drew down to a wisp of flame and then died out leaving a faint pattern for just a moment in the incandescence like the shape of a flower, a molten rose. Then all was dark again.”
Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Be true to your vision 🙂 Andy

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